Raleigh is seeking innovative solutions to make our community a smarter, more connected, inclusive, affordable and higher quality place to live. We have partnered with the City of Raleigh for the 2023 Connected Triangle+ Summit on November 9th to run a reverse pitch competition.

Competitors will pitch their solutions on-stage to a panel of municipal, technical and investor experts. Winners will be granted acceptance into the RIoT Accelerator Program and have a chance to secure a pilot deployment project in the Connected Triangle+

Applicants are welcome to submit any Smart City or GovTech solution.  Priority is given to applications in the following focus areas for the Summit:


for advanced safety and future vehicles across the region
for sharing real-time data to advise in sustainable public investments
Digital Equity—solutions
that provide for improved access to technology for all citizens across the Triangle.

*Application Deadline – October 27, 2023!

Apply Here