RIoT hosts educational sessions about IoT, business, and the data economy—how to adapt, how to scale, and how to capture the market.

RIoT’s Lunch & Learn series is offered up to 9 times a month, in cities like Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, and Atlanta. In response to the Covid-19 crisis, RIoT updated the series to a Virtual Lunch & Learn series. Keep an eye out for other exciting programs from RIoT ED, including our popular Main Street IoT program.

Check out the recordings from RIoT’s Virtual Lunch & Learn series on our YouTube Channel.

Join Tim Sweet, Solution Manager for DNA Group, as he reviews the explosion of sensor technologies available to devices, systems and IOT solutions. This will be a high level review of sensing types, the underlying technology developments that make these [...]

Why is the Internet of Things (IoT) really the Internet of Data? Why and how does data matter in the Internet of things? What is Time Series Data and why is it important to the IoT? How do you get [...]

Join members of the Solutions Architecture Team at Particle for an overview of the IoT market, with an emphasis on cellular asset tracking. The panelists will share best practices for going from IoT prototype to production and their perspective on [...]