RIoT hosts educational sessions about IoT, business, and the data economy—how to adapt, how to scale, and how to capture the market.  RIoT’s Lunch & Learn series is offered up to 9 times a month, across Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Boulder, Stafford, and Atlanta.  In response to the Covid-19 crisis, RIoT updated the series to a Virtual Lunch & Learn series.  Keep an eye out for other exciting programs from RIoT ED, including our popular Main Street IoT program.

Check out the recordings from RIoT’s Virtual Lunch & Learn series on our YouTube Channel.  Information on past Lunch & Learns can be found here.

Join this Virtual Lunch & Learn with Bill Manning from JFrog! The Internet of Things (IoT) world has exploded over the past decade and has become part of every aspect of our lives from Smart Homes to Industrial and shows [...]

Join this Virtual Lunch & Learn with Germán Suarez and Wouter Potman from Sento! Prototyping, designing, and launching IoT products involves a lot of complicated, technical considerations. Selecting the wrong technology or choosing inadequate partners can delay the process of [...]

Join this Virtual Lunch & Learn with Jonathan Levitt from Cocoflo!   What does digital transformation have to do with customer discovery? Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology to digitize non-digital products, services or operations. The goal is [...]

Join this Virtual Lunch & Learn with Sean Valle, a business lawyer, from Fourscore Business Law!   Fundraising is a significant, daunting, and exciting undertaking for any startup at any stage of growth. There are numerous opportunities for financing, each [...]

Join this Virtual Lunch & Learn with Kyle Linton from Lithios!   City governments must support basic infrastructure, engage with citizens and provide key services. Cities are getting smarter about the way they leverage sensors and software to provide the [...]