RIoT hosts educational sessions about IoT, business, AI and the data economy—how to adapt, how to scale, and how to capture the market. These are small-format educational sessions that bring subject matter experts up close to teach on specific technologies and business use cases.

Each session of Bagels & Business discusses a different topics related to starting a business, growing an existing business, expanding knowledge base, networks, and ways technology is changing business and how you can use technology to grow and scale!

RIoT’s Lunch & Learn series showcases RIoT’s sponsors and partners innovative technologies and perspectives, illuminating new ideas and market insights. Through dynamic presentations, sponsors unveil cutting-edge technology and share fresh perspectives on diverse industry verticals. These sessions foster collaboration and knowledge exchange, allowing attendees to explore emerging trends and opportunities. RIoT’s platform serves as a nexus for networking and innovation, empowering stakeholders to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Missed a session? Check out the recordings on our YouTube Channel.