Join us in RIoT Studios with Dan Moore, CEO and Product Lead with Vaporware. A self-described “product guy”, Dan shares his love for product management, and the many-hats role of product developers when talking to internal or external stakeholders. We also talk about how a good product team will look for product opportunities that are necessary and valuable (not just cool or purely profitable), and how Vaporware helps companies navigate through the sea of today’s tech buzzwords to identify true business opportunities.

Vaporware delivers custom SaaS solutions that help medium-sized companies grow and scale. Our expert team partners with business leaders to develop the right software solution that solves a problem or re-invents a company in weeks, not months. By applying our lean startup principles, we deliver a solution that pays for itself through increased revenue or reduced costs. Founded in 2013 by Georgia Tech graduates, the Vaporware team is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with an office in Irvine, CA. Learn more at