As the world’s population changes, how does product design and interface design change with it? And why is the 4th industrial revolution happening NOW – what’s come together to make IoT possible? Industry veteran Tim Sweet joins us for a conversation about human-machine interfaces (HMI), usability, and human factors – scoping the discussion within IoT and the products that are pushing this 4th industrial revolution forward.

Tim Sweet: Tim is a Solution Manager at DNA Group, responsible for opportunity and solutions development for HMI products and smart grid solutions. Tim has been a part of several technical revolutions: the telecom revolution, the launch of the digital network, and the birth of the internet, and is now an active participant in the IoT revolution. With communications networking at his core and years of experience in the HMI field, Tim has a passion for helping the wireless digital revolution grow and expand with the deployment of smart edge devices that help us all understand and live in this connected world.

DNA Group: For over 30 years, DNA Group has been involved in sourcing products from Asia and Europe. Throughout those years, DNA Group has successfully navigated the global marketplace providing competitively priced engineered components, assemblies and value-added solutions. Their market experience includes Transportation, Marine, Digital Switching Systems, Solid State Lighting (LED), Medical, HVAC, Power Tools, Lawn and Garden, White Goods (appliances), and emerging markets; from simple switches to complex printed circuit board assemblies and digital controls, with specialties in electronics contract manufacturing, current sensing, human-machine interfaces, power switching, integrated solutions, and component sourcing.