From WRAL TechWire – a recap of RIoT’s cybersecurity-focused event in Washington DC. Click here to see the full article.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Internet of Things (IoT) — both the promise of the future and the biggest vulnerability of the data age.

Collecting data about everyone and everything through IoT can create a higher resolution picture of the world.  But that same picture can expose individuals’ data, potentially sacrificing privacy and security for government intel or corporate profit.
Photo courtesy of RIoT

From left, Sarah Glova and Tom Snyder of RIoT and Devin Zitelman, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Washington DC Economic Partnership, talk IoT.

RIoT returned to Washington DC this week to dive into cybersecurity and discuss the role of IoT in the government sector. Discussion ranged from how citizen groups and civic hackers contribute in smart city solutions to how the government protects itself from cybersecurity attacks. With intelligence and diligence, it is possible to minimize the risk of hacking and deception. But government, industry and end-users (citizens) must all participate.