RALEIGH – A new $2 million Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure project is now underway in the Town of Cary is the latest example of how municipal governments across North Carolina are driving innovation for their residents and their workforce and visitors.

Ahead of the RIoT Your Reality Augmented Reality Challenge occurring on July 27, WRAL TechWire spoke with RIoT Executive Director Tom Snyder about the latest “Smart City” project from Cary. 

“This is another example of demonstrating to the world that Cary is open to business, innovation, and public-private partnership,” Snyder, who leads the fast-growing Regional Internet of Things users group and technology organization based in Raleigh, said of the latest Cary innovation project. “This leads to other entrepreneurs and innovators wanting to establish their businesses in this region. It is not only a technological advancement but also a key component of economic development.”