In early April, when COVID-19 was just beginning to majorly affect Americans’ daily realities, RIoT enlisted six startups uniquely positioned to tackle different public health and economic issues associated with the virus. The project came to be known as MISSION-R. These startups have mobilized at lightning speed, in some cases releasing products within just days or weeks to address community needs. Teams have been forced to engage in rapid customer discovery and discussion amongst business and government leaders, which gives them informative insight into what our emerging reality may be in the wake of COVID-19.

Two MISSION-R team co-founders, Emily Breedlove of COVID Mobilize and Rod Greco of Socialize, a project supported by Amplifi Labs, as well as corporate entrepreneur, Scott Broaddus of Bayer Crop Science shared their insights into how the COVID-19 pandemic may act as an equalizer in more ways than one in the days ahead.

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