RALEIGH – In the past few weeks, I have been asked by several individuals and companies, and a few media organizations to weigh in on how COVID-19 will impact the future of entrepreneurship in North Carolina.  It is a good question, and many experts have weighed in.  The popular opinion emerging is that we will see a significant stall in momentum.  I believe that opinion to be wrong.

By now, most of us have achieved some degree of “new normal” in how we are living during the COVID-19 situation.  Every one of us has been forced to change.  Change how we shop.  Change how we work.  Change our social behaviors.  Change is hard.

Two predominant behaviors emerge from crisis:  Those who have means become conservative. They change, but as little as possible. Those who do not have sufficient resources, innovate and invent.  There are exceptions, of course, but these are the most common reactions to crisis.

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