In this episode of the RIoT Underground, join us as we delve into the burgeoning landscape of innovation in Wilson, North Carolina. Our guests, Stefanie Keen and Brittany Smith from the City of Wilson, NC, share insights on the evolution of the City of Wilson, Greenlight, the Gig East Exchange, and the Gig East Summit.

The City of Wilson was once only known for tobacco. In 2008, Wilson deployed the first community owned broadband in North Carolina. This forward thinking mindset sparked the growth of an entrepreneurial community. Stefanie and Brittany unveil the history of Wilson, Wilson’s entrepreneurial mindset, and how they are set to reshape the economic and social fabric of the region.

Moreover, Stefanie and Brittany delve into the collaborative spirit fostered at the Gig East Summit, where stakeholders come together to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and pave the way for a brighter future. They emphasize the pivotal role of community engagement in driving innovation and ensuring its benefits reach every corner of Eastern NC.

Want to learn more and connect with innovators in Wilson? Attend the Gig East Summit, an annual gathering, where entrepreneurs, creators, community partners, and thought leaders converge to explore the transformative power of technology and innovation. With agritech taking center stage, listeners will discover how Eastern NC, with its rich agricultural heritage, is poised for a remarkable transformation. This year’s summit will take place on June 13, 2024.

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