Tom Snyder featured on Spaces and Places podcast with Site 1001

Spaces and Places is the podcast about how Site 1001 uses AI to revolutionize buildings. Site 1001’s platform helps property owners and operators lower costs, improve performance and increase value.

Join us for their latest episode, Spaces and Places Podcast: Everything is Connected with Tom Snyder, featuring RIoT’s Executive Director Tom Snyder.

Spaces and Places Podcast: Everything is Connected with Tom Snyder

Joining Site 1001’s Aaron Simon and Lauren Long in this episode is Tom Snyder, Executive Director at RIoT. RIoT is a non-profit driving the Internet of Things economy by bringing together entrepreneurs, established companies, universities, government officials, non-profits and IoT enthusiasts. Tom regularly address global audiences about the Internet of Things and what that looks like for us now and in the future.

In this podcast, Aaron, Lauren and Tom chat about how everything is connected and Tom starts by outlining the below universal trends in emerging tech:

  • First: How can I use tech to improve the way I do things currently such as how do I lower costs and become more efficient? (This is where we are now.)
  • Then: How do I use this tech to do new things to create new revenue and new value?
  • Finally: How do I use all the data to get closer to my customer and have much more trusted, stronger relationships?

The group goes on to define the best kind of technology, how to build communities that feel connected even when technology pushes us towards a more automated existence, and Tom gives the BEST explanation of 5G out there (we dare you to find a better one).

A conversation among techie friends, this is a podcast you’ll enjoy listening to from start to finish and you’ll bring it up at dinner tonight. Go ahead, press play!


Site 1001 is an award-winning software development firm revolutionizing how buildings are run. Their flagship product, the Skylight Building Performance and Operations platform, combines core building information, live building systems, sensors and “people-generated” information like work requests and comments, with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to help make buildings smarter, more efficient and better places for the people who work, play and live in them.

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