On this episode of the underground podcast, Tom Snyder interviews Clay Hine, Business Development Manager at Nordic Semiconductor.

Clay shares with us a fascinating insight into his journey from R&D to customer-centric roles in the semiconductor industry. We explore the unique dynamics between traditional sales and business development roles, particularly in the context of Nordic’s growth and expansion into new markets. With a vast array of resources at their disposal, Nordic is poised to support customers in a myriad of ways, and Clay shares the excitement of seeing the creative applications customers come up with.

Listen in as we explore the emerging markets in asset tracking and smart agriculture, where Clay elaborates on the need for cost-effective solutions and the benefits of DECT NR+ as a wireless solution. With agriculture rapidly evolving into manufacturing, the role of logistics and supply chains has become pivotal, and Nordic’s suite of technologies is ready to meet the challenge. Clay shares the strategies to accelerate the smart ag market and how the company collaborates with customers and third-party design houses to create integrated solutions. So tune in to learn about the transformative power of technology and how it is reshaping industries.