About Cell Matrix Corporation (CMC)


Cell Matrix Corporation (CMC) is a research and development company that specializes in concept to prototype work. Their primary focus is on advancing AI and machine intelligence to the edge of the network.

One of the challenges CMC is tackling is the need for better coverage of events that occur in waterways. Specifically, they are interested in addressing the obstacle avoidance problem faced by boaters. By utilizing sensors and artificial intelligence, CMC aims to empower boaters to report potential hazards without the need for manual reporting or specific radio communication skills.

Smart Cities Conference Attendance


CMC recently participated in the Smart Cities Connect conference to showcase their innovative solutions. Their main objective at the conference was to connect with city managers and regional authorities who are interested in piloting their technology. They are actively seeking champions within local and regional governments to support their initiatives. Additionally, CMC was keen on establishing connections with federal agencies to explore potential collaborations.

Whether you had the opportunity to visit their booth in person or are exploring their offerings online, CMC is dedicated to revolutionizing the way AI and machine intelligence are utilized at the edge of the network.