At all RIoT events, you will be connected to innovation in some form, whether through the speakers on stage, the topics being discussed, or the formatting of the events themselves. For the inaugural Colorado event, RIoT was highlighted as the keynote event for the 2021 Boulder Startup Week. It was privileged to host the Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, join us as one of the speakers and was also heralded as the first hybrid in-person/digital event to featured both remote and in-person speakers together on the same stage. 


The topic at hand? How Technology Steers the Economy. The formatting reflected the changes this last year had brought. Personal work habits, how we engage with one another, how to transition out of lock-down, and what pandemic precautions  are needed as meeting in person is an option again. To that point, for the folks at RIoT, this was the first time in over a year we had the opportunity to host a live audience and the added bonus of being joined by hundreds of people digitally on the Revnt platform. 


Our excellent round table of representatives from varying technology backgrounds had the opportunity to discuss where they see growth as hardware and software continue to blur together as data collection and processing gets closer to the source. They discussed how their organizations pivoted during the pandemic and articulated how Colorado offers companies both big and small countless resources and a beautiful environment to grow. Governor Polis outlined all the work in Colorado that has helped build the foundation and continues to help cultivate innovation and places where technology is creating new jobs and opportunities. 


Tom Snyder, RioT’s own Executive Director, touched on what RIoT is seeing emerge as the underlying Data Economy technologies find their stride. These Technologies include everything from connected devices, to Edge Computing, to various wireless technologies, including 5G. The audience heard how they are being applied to assist First Responders in emergency situations, our enhanced ability to monitoring climate change through smart agricultural systems and allowing corporations to gain insights at the speed data is collected. 


As our panelists took to the stage to discuss the impacts of the pandemic and how it accelerated the need for good data, we got a glimpse into how the blending of hardware and software are happening in ways not anticipated coming so quickly. Timeframes for technology adoption jumped a few years as teams could not share physical resources, and personnel shifted to working from home. 


If you’d like to further engage in the data economy as an entrepreneur to grow your own company or stay aware of new technologies, be sure to continue to watch as RIoT grows in Colorado, be sure to connect with our partners, Denver South, Cardinal Peak, Porticos and Arrow

If you were unable to participate in the event, be sure the check out the recording here, 

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