PraanaTech is a startup with a mission to revolutionize patient care by making high-quality imaging more accessible. Their innovative technology promises earlier diagnoses for life-altering diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer, potentially saving lives. But what drives the person behind this groundbreaking company? Today, we shine a light on PraanaTech’s founder and chairman, Mythra Varun Nemallapudi, to understand his vision and the journey that led him to create this impactful startup.

Q1: Could you tell us a little bit about your company?

PraanaTech is bringing imaging closer to the patient. There exists a need for high-quality and reliable confirmatory diagnosis for Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Our next-generation technology will address this issue and further enable earlier diagnosis, which can significantly enhance treatment effectiveness. Our vision is to enable accessible imaging.

Q2: What inspired you to start your own company?

I am convinced that early and widespread diagnosis of certain diseases can greatly enhance the quality of our life. I have had personal experiences where precious lives were lost because too much time passed in identifying the problem. Discussions with healthcare professionals and observing the bottlenecks in the healthcare needs have shown a unique opportunity.

Q4: What previous experiences influence your role today?

My experience working in world class institutions on frontier research on detectors, leading teams to build novel technology from the ground up, interactions with healthcare professionals and life experiences have influenced my role today.

Q5: What are the biggest challenges you’ve encountered as a startup founder this far, and how did you overcome them?

Putting on multiple hats is always challenging, but I was fortunate to have great people on my side who shared the same vision as me. We have a lot of work cut out for us and I feel confident that together we will get there.

Q6: Do you have any mentors or role models who have inspired you while you have been building your business?

I am inspired by people who have leveraged human creativity to address a burning issue. There are many heroes like that.

Q7: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs and future startup founders based on your own experiences and lessons learned?

If you want to build and sell something, learn to trust your gut, do your research, work with good people, build something useful that you are proud of, and keep iterating with an open mind.

PraanaTech’s mission to democratize access to high-quality imaging has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. With a passionate leader and founder at the helm and a commitment to innovation, PraanaTech is poised to make a significant difference in the lives of countless patients. To watch the full interview with Mythra, see our video with him at the top of this blog post or on our Youtube channel.