What is your name, title, and role at your company?

Nick Jordan, CEO

What does your company do?
At Smashing Boxes, we are a global innovation partner and design-centered software product development firm with a focus on healthcare, blockchain and IoT for startups, scale-ups, and Fortune 500 companies.
What are some neat projects that your company is currently working on?
We work with a lot of the local startup ecosystem on building, expanding or enhancing their initial product.  Lesser known, but equally important, is our work with the academic, medical, and research community.  We recently worked on a project with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Another example is a project with leading Duke researchers to deploy software that tracks how polarized our society is by using AI to engage users as well as other proprietary methods they have developed.
How would you describe your company’s culture?
The Smashing Boxes culture is built on open learning, sharing, teaching, with a focus on accountability and outcomes for our clients.
How does your company differentiate itself from your competitors?
In terms of regional and national competitors, our area is brimming with world class talent, so tapping into firms like ours in the triangle is a good investment.  On a local level, I think it is about finding the right fit, feeling the right energy, and having a spark with the firm you are speaking with.
If you could see anyone in concert, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
Based on my vibe right now I would say that I would like to see Drake perform in London.  He really brings an international perspective to his music and enjoys a global lifestyle.
Is there anything additional you would like to share about your company?
Reach out and say hello!  The pandemic has made it more difficult to cultivate relationships and build our network and community.  We try to show up however we can, but we are still not back to normal… so in the meantime, if there is anything on your mind – from discussing a project, to discussing a career change, getting startup advice, or more, just shoot me a note and let’s connect!