The Aurora Group, a premier manufacturers’ representative firm, took the opportunity to showcase one of their partner companies, TT Electronics, during RIoT’s latest Virtual Lunch & Learn.  This session featured Dylan Howes, Engineering Manager at TT Electronics, Susan Cervenak, Director of Sales at TT Electronics, and Aparna Sproelich, Technical Advisor/Principal at The Aurora Group.  Susan started off the conversation by explaining the main purpose of TT Electronics – “To solve customer’s toughest electronics challenges by engineering smarter solutions together.”

Dylan spotlighted key requirements and design considerations for power supplies used in IoT applications. He was able to gracefully flow through graphing models and formulas, describing the potential of each when used in IoT applications.  Throughout the presentation Dylan highlighted subtopics, which included global power sources and regulatory constraints, peak power and duty cycle considerations, quiescent power consumption and efficiency, and circuit protection features.

The full presentation covers a ton of detailed information, so feel free to use the rewind button often.