Join us as we host a thrilling conversation with Rod Goossen, founder and CEO of RoGO. Rod sheds light on the fascinating way RoGO is employing disruptive technologies to revolutionize wildland firefighting and assist first responders. Inspired by the tragic Yarnale Hillfire incident, Rod embarked on a mission to enhance situational awareness and communication among wildland firefighters. Listen in as he discusses RoGO’s cutting-edge technology, offering real-time information, enabling tactical communication, and collaborations to mitigate disasters and save lives.

Get to know how RoGO is fostering advancements in wildfire technology and communication. Rod outlines how the firm is getting the word out by deploying devices to early adopters and planning for future rapid deployments. He further explores the versatile applicability of their technologies in various hazards, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and more. We also explore the unique advantages of using Iridium’s L band radio frequency spectrum in forested areas, the potential of pre-deploying devices in forests, and the importance of software and data analytics in fire management. Don’t miss out as Rod shares his vision of saving lives through technology and his strategies for securing funding to turn this vision into a reality.