RIoT’s Executive Director, Tom Snyder, was featured in a recent episode of the Supportedly Podcast. Tune in here:

016 Why Entrepreneurs Need to Adapt to IoT and Emerging Technologies with RIoT Executive Director Tom Snyder

Podcast Show Notes

Tom joins me today to share how RIoT helps entrepreneurs and business startups learn about the Internet of Things and how it can be used within their business or startup. He defines IoT and how it is affecting the way we live, entertain and do business. He also shares how RIoT’s accelerator programs, education courses, pitch nights and meetup events help entrepreneurs build connections, find mentors, and accelerate their business growth. I also spoke with Crystal to learn more about her businesses, how she discovered the RIoT Accelerator Program, and how participating in the program impacted her business.

“RIoT brings people together to educate them about how emerging technologies are fundamentally changing business. The goal is to help people adapt to that.” – Tom Snyder