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City of Morrisville Council Member Steve Rao interviews RIoT’s Director of Growth & Communication, Dr. Sarah Glova, about the IoT ecosystem in the Southeastern United States and about upcoming smart city initiatives.

“What is RIoT? RIoT, first of all, is a nonprofit. Second, we’re focused on economic development, but specifically through the Internet of Things. We’re one of the only organizations of our kind. We’re focused on economic development not in one specific small area but in the whole region. We have so many IoT assets in the Southeastern United States, and we want to help other organizations learn about and leverage those assets to drive IoT.

So let’s back up a little bit. When we say IoT, Internet of Things – it’s a term we’re hearing more and more. Internet of Things is this idea that now all these devices can connect without human intervention. So a common example that we use is, say, a smart fridge. It may be able to detect when you’re out of milk and send you a text. That’s powered by the Internet of Things. That’s a consumer example – but let’s scale that up and think about smart cities. So if we’re able to, for example, put better sensors in buildings and control whether we need Air Conditioning or not – think about the cost efficiency there.

Why IoT in Raleigh? RIoT is based in Raleigh, but we’re focused on growing the Southeastern United States as a center of excellence for IoT. Why can we do that in the Southeastern United States? Well, because we have incredible wireless expertise and resources, we have global organizations that have a large presence in this area that focus on hardware, so that’s unique – and we’re starting to do a good job of building out the infrastructure that’s needed for things like Fiber and 5G.

So trying to make sure we grow IoT partnerships in this region – globally focused, I mean we work with organizations all over the world, but then making sure they know how to connect in this area.”