Are companies hiring? That’s the question job seekers today are asking. The answer is yes and RIoT took the opportunity to offer an unconventional way to land an interview this week.

Two lucky contestants, Brandon Mathis and Karly Pavlinac Blackburn took the stage Tuesday evening at the All Things Open Conference in Raleigh to kick off our annual Demo Night and RIoT’s first “Big Job Contest”.

The “Big Job Contest” introduced two highly skilled candidates to three hiring companies, Exelaration, Smashing Boxes and Device Solutions. The goal was to find the perfect job opportunity for each candidate live on stage. Contestants could chose the best offer from the company of their choice.

CNN Business came out to the event to film the “Big Job Contest” for a story they were working on about the state of the job market and why some job seekers are having so much trouble finding work. For the full story watch CNN’s Vanessa Yurkevich report on the state of the labor market here.