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RIoT Your Reality Challenge

With generous support from Facebook Reality Labs and US Ignite, RIoT is excited to announce the RIoT Your Reality AR Challenge! In partnership with the City of Raleigh and the Town of Cary, and with special thanks to Google Fiber, we’re calling all innovators, thinkers, entrepreneurs, technology standouts, and solutions makers.

Winners will be eligible to receive a cash prize and a place in the RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP.)

Join us for:

Information Session – March 12th, 2-3pm ET

First Pitch Event – April 12th, 2-3:30pm ET

Project Sprint – April 19th – July 19th

Final Pitch & Winner Announcement – July 27th

Event details may be found on the events page of our website.

Resource Library:

Application Deadline:

Applications closed on March 31st

Did you miss the kickoff session?

Watch the recording to find out everything you need to know!

Problem Statements:

Improving Inclusivity and Accessibility for City Programs & Services (Equity & Inclusion)
– Using AR, how do we make our communities more inclusive and accessible?

Reinventing the Raleigh Convention Center for Economic Impact (Tourism)
– How can an AR solution help bring life into the Raleigh Convention Center?

Workforce Development for the Data Economy (Workforce Development)
– How can AR help drive employee growth?


Applicants can be an individual, team, startup or established companies. Please note that established companies must submit a new product or new add onto an existing product offering.

While we are interested in seeing all AR products, preference will be given to those solutions for our problem statements.

Solutions can be hardware or software.

Selected teams must participate in all events and project meetings to qualify for the prize.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone who has an innovative idea, product, or solution involving Augmented Reality! This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, startups, companies and individuals interested in AR.

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Do I need to have a technical background to participate?2021-01-14T14:40:14+00:00

No, we’re looking for people to submit great ideas and volunteer to join teams. All areas of expertise are welcome.

I don’t live in Raleigh, NC or Cary, NC. Can I still apply?2021-01-14T14:40:18+00:00

Absolutely! We welcome teams and applications from around the globe.

What makes for a strong application?2021-01-14T14:39:38+00:00

We will closely examine the strength of your solution (Have you identified and defined the problem you are trying to solve? Can you show us that your solution is a good approach?), technical understanding (Do you have a good product plan and technical roadmap of what it will take to create a viable prototype? Can you explain your path towards completion? Can you identify gaps in technical resources?), and business and team plan (Do you know the market and understand your customer? Is your team well rounded with necessary skills covered?

What is my time commitment during the project sprint?2021-01-14T14:39:03+00:00

We understand that this product may not be your full time job and you don’t have 8 hours a day, 7 days a week to devote to it. We do require that you meet with your RIoT program manager once a week for 30-45 mins and every two weeks with your technology and business mentors, as requested by your team.

Does my product have to focus on the problem statements?2021-01-14T14:38:04+00:00

No, we encourage everyone to apply with their innovative ideas!

Deepest thanks to our Technology Partners: