Thanks to WRAL Techwire for publishing our preview and pre-summary of RIoT XIII. It’s our biggest RIoT event ever, and the single largest IoT demo showcase on a single night in the country. Credit goes to the RIoT community for making this the size it is!


Wednesday night’s RIoT XIII Demo Showcase will be the largest RIoT event to date. The premiere open source conference, All Things Open, will be in full swing, and we’ll see the largest collection of Internet of Things demos in the country on a single night.

RIoT XIII takes place in partnership with the All Things Open conference at the Raleigh Convention Center, and will be bursting at the seams. The 600+ attendees will be able to see, touch, and feel over 100 IoT demos from over 60 companies.

If you’ve wondered what the heck IoT looks like, this event answers that question for you. Multinational companies like NXP, ST Micro, MultiTech, IBM, and Samsung show off their cutting edge tech.

National and regional companies like Bridgera, Fraysen and Practichem will present everything from IoT platform technologies to internet connected machinery and lab equipment. While easily the largest collection of IoT startups in the Southeast, we will possibly be the largest IoT startup showcase across the country in 2016. We’ve posted the confirmed demo companies on the blog.


The evening focuses on two primary events. First, we’ll hear from Timm McShane, SparkFun’s Director of Software and IT.

An expert in Internet of Things he’ll share with us his vision for the next ten years of IoT. Second, the night is devoted entirely to the demos. While Larry, Tom, and myself love to hear ourselves talk, this event really lets IoT companies shine.
If that weren’t enough, RIoTers will see larger than life IoT. We’re shutting down a city street to accommodate Wind River’s super massive IoT Big Rig. (will expand on this further). On top of that, PTC brings the fastest IoT you’ll ever witness, as they display their NASCAR race car, equipped with more sensors than seems reasonable to most humans. It will be an incredible spectacle to witness, and hopefully loud.

While we’re thrilled about the content, speakers, and demos, what excites us RIoTers even more is the big picture. What’s really happening at RIoT XIII is the visible manifestation of how knowledgeable, talented, and impactful this community is in the IoT ecosystem.

While we’re preaching, a common refrain you’ll hear from RIoT is that IoT represents a big wave of new economy rolling in. North Carolina has all of the pieces of the puzzle to generate massive economic gains in IoT: research, academics, software, hardware, privacy, security, “open”, analytics, and local & state governments willing to build new solutions.
Our gospel is that we’ll go farther, faster if we work together collectively to assemble this into something meaningful. Events like RIoT XIII help educate beyond the tech community by reaching business, government, and health care communities.

For us to be successful, we need an ecosystem that not only builds and sells product, but buys and adopts the products. By doing so we will jump ahead of other regions in quality of life.

While North Carolina sometimes struggles to be seen positively across the nation, there are very worthwhile, and incredibly forward thinking ventures happening here today. That will be on display at RIoT XIII. Come and see for yourself.