The South African tech-driven supply chain management company is expanding to the United States.   

February 28, 2023 – Raleigh, NCSupply Chain Partner, a niche business spend management consulting company, announced that it will be expanding to the US. Chimae Goncalves, Co-Founder and CEO  at Supply Chain Partner will be relocating from South Africa to the RTP area in February 2023.

“The market is growing here in the US and there is a demand. Customers have been asking us directly for our services. It’s the customer who is driving the expansion to the US.”  said Mike von Guilleaume, Marketing and Business Development Executive at Supply Chain Partner (SCP). 

Founded in South Africa in 2013, Supply Chain Partner achieved rapid traction in South Africa by specializing in automating heavy asset intensive and complex procurement processes. The team at SCP understands the process of the digitization of procurement and supply chain management and are experts in the technology. 

Chimae Gonalves, is a successful entrepreneur and one of the strongest minds in digital procurement. She is a super human excelling at global leadership as well as a mother of four Her noble goal for Supply Chain Partner is to leave a legacy of upliftment in all that they do. Chimae is excited about moving to the US and putting down roots in North Carolina. 

Supply Chain Partner has a goal to serve their customers.  But there is another, meaningful goal of the company to also develop talent and bring underserved demographics into tech. One way that SCP plans to reach this goal is with the YES initiative that they joined in 2019.  The YES initiative aims to transform companies, communities and South African youth’s lives by connecting youth to economic opportunities and dignity, and together building a future that works. The company has employed 9 YES candidates and at the end of their 12-month contract, 8 of the candidates accepted full-time employment offers from SCP. There are currently 9 new YES candidates at the company and they are committed to keep building into the youth in South Africa and beyond.  

Supply Chain Partner’s have a strong reputation in the retail, mining and financial services sectors across markets and regions. Their cloud technology expertise has enabled them to become a globally sought-after provider of cloud integration solutions to on-premise ERPs. Their business process enablement knowledge in asset-intensive industries and the progression of ERP technologies into the cloud, positions them to deliver value beyond procurement to ERP solutions for key industries. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitization of customer and supply-chain interactions. In the last two years, Supply Chain Partner has seen tremendous growth and opened in Dubai, London and now the US. There is growth of international demand and it’s scaling quickly. SCP were the first to implant Coupa and SAP in South Africa in some of the most complex industries, such as mining. Expanding to the US means more opportunities in global banking, higher education, and the public sector. 

Supply Chain Partner recently participated in the RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP) to discover strategies for market expansion, including scaling through technology and app development. The team explored an internal innovation project to translate their services expertise into a software product offering that would open new markets and enable operational scaling. 


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Tom Snyder
Executive Director

About Supply Chain Partners

Supply Chain Partner (SCP) is a niche business spend management consulting company. We are specialists in automating asset-intensive and complex procurement processes and integrating disparate systems.

We help solve procurement challenges by automating and integrating disparate systems and processes; this transforms the way our customers source and procure goods and services, giving them a strategic business advantage.  


Mike von Guilleaume
Marketing and Business Development Executive
Supply Chain Partner