RIoT launched its fifth cohort of the RIoT Accelerator Program on Tuesday, May 26th! NINE startup teams (two of which came from RIoT’s moonshot response to COVID-19 MISSION-R) joined the RIoT crew for a virtual kickoff and are now eagerly getting to work. A global pandemic is certainly an interesting time to be joining an accelerator program, but these entrepreneurs recognize the opportunities hidden beneath challenges and are already proving themselves to be an energetic and persevering group of individuals.

Read on to get to know the cohort!



Blue Recruit team

Blue collar job-matching platform |

Stop wasting time and money with resumes and job-posts! BlueRecruit is the future of talent. On our platform, blue-collar and skilled trade workers create a professional profile that is designed for their work experience, and employers are able to execute targeted searches for their individual talent needs. @BlueRecruitUSA


Phase Dock 

Phase Dock Founding Team

Portable mounting board for electronic prototypes |

Phase Dock Inc. is a small but advanced product development and manufacturing company co-founded by two US military veterans. We provide electronics-mounting and prototyping solutions for engineers, Makers, STEM educators and their students—anyone who uses single-board computers and microcontrollers. Our goal is to make our customers—and their projects—more successful. All Phase Dock products are manufactured in North Carolina. @PhaseDock



Slighter product

Smart lighter for methodical reduction of smoking |

Slighter is a smoking reduction company with the sole aim to help fellow smokers achieve a healthier lifestyle through effective smoking reduction strategies with our innovative smart lighter. We are the only nicotine fading program housed in a smart learning lighter and mobile companion app and we act in accordance with our values of healthy living, innovation, development, collaboration, honesty and environmental sustainability. @Slighter


COVID Mobilize 

Covid Mobilize Team

Resource matching platform | 

Healthcare providers, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies are being tasked with an impossibly complex crisis as we all work through economic recovery efforts. COVID Mobilize is a free match-making platform empowering American companies to solve COVID-19 resource and talent needs. We connect government, nonprofits, and businesses to mobilize quick, effective action to match available resources with frontline needs. @CovidMobilize


Acta Solutions 

Acta Solutions Team

Public input analysis for government |

Acta automates feedback analysis. We work with government partners to take public input on various topics, turn it into data, and accurately predict their best courses of action. By using natural-language processing to extract insights from stakeholder input, we help our partners align their recommendations with community concerns and priorities cost-effectively. @acta_io


Brilliant Sole 

IoT-enabled footwear platform |

Brilliant Sole creates Interactive footwear for our connected world. Best-in-class smart insoles combining highly sensitive pressure sensors, advanced realtime motion processing, and dual configurable haptics provides endless possibilities from the newest open source, wearable technology. Brilliant Sole is seeking entrepreneurs, makers and developers to employ their technology in telemedicine, healthcare, accessibility, sports, and other creative applications. @BrilliantSole


On Call People 

Staff management and communication system for hospitals |

OnCallPeople is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform, that combines the ability to communicate seamlessly across healthcare teams and manage complex schedules in a single application. We help multidisciplinary health teams improve communication and efficiency. 


Information Patterns 

Crop monitoring system for cut-flower industry |

Information Patterns is the company behind Agceleration (the process) and AgroPatterns (the technology), which together bring about quantifiable benefits to growers of greenhouse crops. This digital agronomic model has shown that it is possible to have more crops per year, higher plant densities and higher yields while reducing the use of toxic pesticides and harmful countermeasures. The data driven approach to intensive agriculture is helping usher a predictable supply chain with benefits to producers and consumers alike.


Device Solutions – Cellio 

IoT Sensor platform and gateway for industrial IoT | /

Device Solutions Inc is a small engineering firm located in Morrisville, NC next to Research Triangle Park and has been in operation for over 17 years.  Our focus is embedded hardware and software design and development with expertise in wireless radio and medical technology.  We have developed a wide variety of products in the wearable, medical, wireless enabled, and low power verticals.   We provide feasibility studies, proof of concept, prototypes, and commercial product development.  In addition, we provide global certification support via troubleshooting, pre-screening, regulatory certification, and cellular carrier approvals.  Device Solutions is also an IIOT equipment designer (branded Cellio) and we provide end-to-end IOT turnkey solutions.