Last week, RIoT hosted the RAP XIV Wilson cohort pitch event at the Gig East Summit in Wilson. The event featured three startups from the RAP XIV Wilson cohort, and two startups from previous RAP cohorts who pitched their businesses to a panel of investors and entrepreneurs.

The winner of the pitch event was Druid Agriculture, a Charlotte-based startup that has developed a simple, affordable AI-enabled software and camera system that allows farmers to remotely manage and monitor crops so they can solve problems faster and improve yields. The cameras can automatically capture images of a crop’s growth cycle 24/7 to detect signs of plant health, diseases and pests. The systems can be installed in any indoor environment, from multi-acre greenhouses to a grow tent in a basement.

In addition to Druid Agriculture, the other four startups that pitched at the event were:

  • Wyndscreen: Wyndscreen is a Raleigh based startup with a revolutionary online platform for researching, buying and selling used vehicles such as cars, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, and commercial equipment.
  • Modal: Modal is a Wilmington-based data analytics startup that specializes in optimizing the home coffee brewing experience by providing tailored insights into coffee grinder performance.
  • Boreas: Boreas is a Wilmington-based startup that has developed a patented weight-based remote monitoring system for liquid nitrogen tanks, which provides early warning of a tank failure, by measuring the weight of a tank over time and alerts the user if the weight is decreasing at an unacceptable rate.
  • Upper: Upper is a Wilmington-based startup focusing on a technology based holistic healthcare system, making a proactive lifestyle and holistic treatment the fastest, easiest decision to make.  Beginning with a marketplace of retail health and wellness services, Upper is focused on building infrastructure, processes, and patient collaboration for its uniting wellness community.

RAP (RIoT Accelerator Program) is a 12-week program that provides startups with the resources and support they need to grow their businesses. The program includes education, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

RIoT facilitates an industry consortium of 90+ corporate partners supporting IoT, data, emerging technologies, and technology broadly – from HR, legal, and operations to connected development, cloud computing platforms, software development, product development, and more. RIoT supports new innovation and ideas through the RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP). RAP has supported 80+ startups since 2018, which have collectively driven $100M+ in revenue and created 250+ jobs. Additionally, RIoT executes innovation programs for established corporations and for state and municipal governments.

Congratulations to Druid Agriculture on winning the RAP XIV Wilson cohort pitch event! We are excited to see what the company accomplishes in the future.

If you are a startup interested in joining our next RAP cohort we are accepting applications until Friday, July 7 at 5 PM for this fall in Stafford, VA (virtual options available). Fill out this application here.