Had a chance this morning to speak on a panel with four ecosystem drivers from across the US. The best part?

Afterward, an entrepreneur from Romania approached and shared that his startup was relocating to the US. He said that after our panel, he was considering Raleigh.

“We need app developers, UX people,” he said, “so I thought we had to go to California. I guess there are other options.”

Yes! How great is that?! Don’t get me wrong – California is excellent, and I’m not saying this entrepreneur shouldn’t go there. But it’s great for the US if foreign investors and entrepreneurs recognize the vast resources that stretch across the country, from the West to East, North to South.

Raleigh isn’t “the next San Francisco” or “the next Austin” or even “the East Coast Silicon Valley.” It’s RALEIGH. And it has unique assets that other cities don’t have; it is a uniquely good fit for certain kinds of companies and startups, research teams and families. It’s not a battle for better or worse but a challenge to help amplify unique resources across different communities. To hear that this entrepreneur was now considering Raleigh because of its unique assets – that was a great moment.

It was also a great example of why we do what we do at RIoT. The Internet of Things is the 4th Industrial Revolution, and there is plenty of work to be done. We want to help the globe to leverage the unique IoT assets in the Southeastern United States as we all work to capture and create more economic opportunity through IoT.

Cheers from DC! And of course, if you know anyone in the area I should talk to, just let me know – happy to meet them at Kramerbooks…