What is your name, title, and role at your company?

My name is Trevor Ferree and I’m a co-founder and the CEO of TSV Analytics.


What does your company do? 

TSV Analytics provides social media marketers with social media insights and predicts the next viral topic revolving around their business areas of interest. 

This information helps social media managers understand when to post, what topics they should focus on, and which hashtags/keywords/influencers to include (and exclude); all based on social media analytics for their brand/product, industry, and competitors.


What inspired you to start this company?

My co-founder, Aidan McCarthy, and myself were inspired to start TSV Analytics after working on the underlying technology as undergraduate research assistants together at North Carolina State University. 

While at NC State, we learned the power of social media data, specifically when working during the COVID-19 pandemic to gain an understanding of how the pandemic was progressing while also forecasting what the next few weeks of the pandemic would look like in terms of new case statistics.

We believe the power of social media data is massive and by applying the analytical processes we developed during research, we can make a massive impact to help keep TSV clients responsible and aware. 


Is there an inspiration behind the name of your company? 

The origin of TSV Analytics’ name lies in the insights we’re providing to clients. We incorporate Topic, Sentiment, and Virality Analytics (hence TSV Analytics) to provide revolutionary insights to social media marketing.


What’s your favorite part of being an entrepreneur? 

My favorite part of being an entrepreneur is the diverse skill set that myself and my co-founder are developing. With both of us graduating from North Carolina State University in the past few years, no “corporate position” gives the responsibility of so many different tasks to a new hire. 

From learning how to do email marketing to product management to building analytical systems from scratch, I think we’ve been able to experience nearly every aspect of business by being entrepreneurs.


Do you have any mentors or role models who have inspired you while you have been building your business? 

Mentors are absolutely critical for any entrepreneur. This is our first entrepreneurial venture and for us, there is so much that we don’t even know what we don’t know. Having mentors that have been on the same journey that we’re on right now, they’ve been able to provide insight into the problems we’re facing and discuss solutions that we never would have thought of if it weren’t for their experience.


Any advice for entrepreneurs? 

My biggest piece of advice for entrepreneurs is to just go for it. Regardless of what “it” is, there are really only two outcomes; success and failure. If it succeeds, then it’s worked out great. But if it fails, you will have learned so much along the way that will only make you stronger and smarter for the next endeavor.