RIoT is excited to announce the ninth cohort of startups joining the Fall 2021 RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP)!

The cohort represents a variety of industries and backgrounds hailing from North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, and Missouri.  The startups are working on technology solutions in various industries.  Founders will leverage the diversity of the cohort to learn and grow together over the 12-week intensive program starting September 29th, 2021.  Learn more about the startups of RAP IX below.

Hire Henry

Hire Henry discovered that it is difficult for companies to find workers that want to sit on a riding lawn mower in the hot sun for 10 hours a day.  That’s why Founders Keiry Bonnett and George Holmes Jr. developed collaborative robotic mowers for commercial lawn care.  Hire Henry’s patent pending autonomous robotic mower allows one worker to manage 10 mowers from the comfort of an air conditioned office.



Phinite has developed a breakthrough technology that makes agriculture sustainable by recycling animal waste into renewable fertilizer.  Phinite offers a solution that uses robots and renewable energy to achieve drying and conversion of animal waste into fertilizer in low-cost fashion.  Founder and CEO, Jordan Phasey, has worked closely with Eastern North Carolina Farmers to prototype, test, and perfect systems to turn waste into value. 


Conscio VR

Conscio VR focuses on the development of Virtual Reality (VR) therapeutic tools for healthcare.  Founders Dale DeJarnette and Mark Lambert  are on a mission to help expand care options and improve outcomes through innovative Virtual Reality (VR) based approaches for substance use disorder education and treatment.  Conscio VR produces VR-delivered guided tasks and activities to increase client engagement and retention in Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment.  


Be Global Safety 

Be Global Safety is digitizing the safety in manufacturing by eliminating the root cause of safety incidents and accidents.  The Be Global Safety software uses existing infrastructure, like cameras and sensors, to capture near-misses and incidents in real-time using Artificial Intelligence and further uses the data to prevent such incidents from happening in future. 



SpartanTek has a pursuit deterrent and intervention device that can save lives and prevent injuries.  Jon McGuire, Founder & CEO, is working towards revolutionizing public safety through an array of smart devices and a software platform.  SpartanTek is working to consolidate mapping technologies to a single place and becoming the most powerful public safety Real-Time intelligence and analytics platform.


SPOTR Industries

SPOTR Industries is a drone technology company that provides drone services and develops software in order to provide access to NASA’s Unmanned Traffic Management system.  Founder & CEO, Chris Lewis, assists with Disaster Response Teams to build communities back after natural disasters.  



ClearSens is a technology company developing highly efficient ultrasonic sensors.  The sensors can be made optically transparent providing a seamless integration into display screens or surfaces.  Founders Feysel Yalcin Yamaner and Omer Oralkan, have created a patented sensor technology that enables advanced ultrasonic imaging and touchless navigation with haptic sensation in midair.


Datos Group

Datos Group is building inclusive and integrated data systems for the good of society.  The current platform, Spherio, is a distributed data ecosystem platform enabling modern technology to be operated in remote and rural areas with high-speed transmission, even without external access to fiber or the internet.