Raleigh Founded at North Street buzzed with excitement as NC State University and RIoT hosted the Fall Student Showcase. This annual event brings together students from diverse disciplines – electrical, industrial and biomedical engineering, business management, microbiology and marketing – to showcase their innovative startup concepts

On Tuesday, December 12th seven multidisciplinary teams presented their ideas, vying for the audience’s vote and the recognition of the secret judges. Each team showcased their passion and dedication, pitching solutions to real-world problems with creativity and thoughtfulness.

A Night of Bright Ideas:

From AI-powered solutions to sustainable innovations, the projects on display showcased the impressive range of student talent. Here are a few highlights:

REPAIR ACE: This AI-powered web-application won the hearts of the audience, offering homeowners a seamless way to troubleshoot appliance or other repair issues. REPAIR ACE provides relevant information and cost estimates, connecting users with qualified contractors when needed.

Manus Band: This innovative technology aims to improve healthcare environments by promoting hand hygiene. Their wearable device monitors healthcare workers’ hand hygiene in real-time, ensuring optimal sanitation and reducing hospital-acquired infections.

Hypoguard: This cutting-edge wearable system redefines aviation safety by detecting early signs of hypoxia in pilots. Through real-time oxygen monitoring and prompt alerts, Hypoguard allows pilots to take action well before hypoxia onset.

Cloi UV-C Minibot: This UV-C based disinfection equipment is tailored for hospitals, ensuring human safety while effectively sanitizing through the use of far UV-C technology. Beyond its life-saving impact, Cloi UV-C Minibot promises substantial cost savings forhospitals by reducing HAI.

MOLD3D: This company offers a low-cost, rapid prototyping solution for injection molding. By crafting custom molds in days, not weeks, MOLD3D shatters traditional timelines and costs, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

pill mate: This AI-powered pill organizer simplifies medication adherence for individuals managing multiple medications. By offering personalized dispensing, reminders, and health insights, pill mate helps users stay on track with their medication regimens and improve their overall health outcomes.

Ær Metrica: This company provides a clean air solution for vehicles. Their product evaluates air quality inside and outside of a vehicle, using the information to automate onboard systems and improve cabin air quality. In addition, Ær Metrica captures exterior pollution levels, creating an unprecedented database that can be used to inform public policy and environmental initiatives.

Beyond the Displays:

The NC State Student Showcase wasn’t just about the presentations. It was an opportunity for students to connect with industry professionals and faculty to pitch their business ideas. The vibrant atmosphere facilitated networking and collaboration, fostering valuable connections for these budding entrepreneurs.

Celebrating Innovation:

The event served as a powerful reminder of the talent and creativity that thrives within NC State’s walls. It was inspiring to witness young minds tackling real-world challenges with such passion and ingenuity.

And the Winners Are…

While the audience voted for REPAIR ACE, the secret judges, Rachael Newberry, Program Director at RIoT, Emily Lofton, Business Analyst at Woven Integrations, and Jason Mann, Vice President, Internet of Things (IoT) at SAS, selected MOLD3D as the winner. MOLD3D impressed with its innovative method of producing 3D printed molds for injection molding, offering a faster and more affordable solution for rapid prototyping.

A Legacy of Innovation:

The NC State Student Showcase is a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The event provides a valuable platform for students to showcase their talents, gain valuable experience, and connect with the resources they need to turn their ideas into reality.

Let’s continue to support and celebrate the next generation of innovators!