We asked for it, and you gave it to us: your thoughts, concerns, and comments on NC RIoT V.

Thanks to everyone who completed our post-event survey.  Today we’d like to share this data directly with the RIoT community.  There are some really great points and very helpful constructive feedback.  Here’s a quick summary:

What Went Well at RIoT V?

  • WorkshopsRiot v packed house 400x300
  • Started on time
  • Verizon’s past, present, and future of IoT
  • Location (but also a request for another Durham event)
  • Networking & community
  • The NC State beer!

What Should NC RIoT Do Differently Next Time?

  • Deeper dives into technology
  • Showcase more companies and what they’re doing in IoT
  • Shorter presentations
  • More Twitter activity – take questions via Twitter, post a hashtag more prominently
  • More seating for large events
  • Require speakers to make the presentations more engaging (no corporate PPTs)
  • More focus on industrial/enterprise IoT
  • Ground workshop discussions in data and less on opinion

If One Key Lesson Learned Stuck With You, What Was It?

  • Strong IoT resources here locally, but need a directory to know who everyone is
  • Need for funding & investment, coordination, and execution for NC and RTP to stand out globally
  • IoT will be a collaborative effort
  • Monetization not “figured out” across the entire ecosystem
  • IoT opportunity locally in NC is large and here to stay

What Should Our Survey Have Asked But Didn’t?

  • What areas need to be addressed?
  • How did you hear about NC RIoT?
  • How do we get everyone involved?
  • How many RIoTs have you attended?
  • Was RIoT worth attending / Would you attend again?

We’ve got more news to share shortly around the building of an IoT Directory.  Stay tuned.