Socialize is back to partner with RIoT for our January 26th event, Competitive Edge: How Edge Computing Takes Business to the Next Level!

You may remember Socialize from RIoT’s MISSION-R initiative. RIoT launched MISSION-R in April of 2020 to support innovation for public and economic health amidst COVID-19. Inspired by themes from Mission Impossible, MISSION-R was RIoT’s moonshot response to COVID-19. Project ideas were submitted that could support population health initiatives, sustain small businesses during economic recession, boost the economy and otherwise address the reality of living in a pandemic. 

Socialize was one of six teams chosen for a six-week project sprint. Socialize leveraged MISSION-R for active prototyping of their networking platform which aims to simulate the real-time spontaneous conversations that happen at in-person events. RIoT facilitated a beta-test of the networking tool, which provided the opportunity for the largest simultaneous audience to test the technology to date. 

Socialize has since grown to an active startup with six employees and they are back to partner with RIoT as our event platform for our 49th-ever RIoT, and first large event of 2021. 

“RIoT has been involved with Socialize since we were just an idea,” says Rod Greco, CEO & Co-Founder of Amplifi Labs and Socialize’s Project Lead. “We were accepted into the MISSION-R program, where they helped us with some quick customer discovery and market validation. It’s been a great collaboration, and now Socialize is ready to announce that we will be helping RIoT with their virtual networking event on January 26th.”  

Check out Socialize’s website here and be sure to register for RIoT’s Competitive Edge on January 26th at 4pm ET to try out Socialize’s platform for yourself!