RIoT officially launches its sixth cohort of the RIoT Accelerator Program on Tuesday, September 8th! EIGHT impressive startup teams have been selected from a variety of backgrounds and industries to join the cohort. These tenacious individuals and teams are facing all the usual ups and downs of startup life but with the added layer of doing so in a global pandemic. We couldn’t be more excited to work alongside them and welcome them into the RIoT family.

Learn more about each of our awesome startups below!


DataCrunch Lab

DataCrunch Lab, LLC is an IT professional services and technology development organization providing customized solutions that leverage data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. DataCrunch solutions transform data into value, resulting in increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, and improved outcomes.

Folux Labs

Folux Labs is an AgTech lighting startup based in Raleigh, NC, that is developing a smart LED lighting system for indoor farms & greenhouses. The system utilizes IoT technology and modular panels to allow growers to optimize their light spectrum output.


MedMeetsTech aims to enable a world where choosing to eat healthy is easy and individuals have a positive relationship with food. The MedMeetsTech product is a food logging application that harnesses the power of AI to make meal tracking efficient and intuitive.

NAMO Solutions

The NAMO Solutions mission is to prevent water loss for dormitories and multi-family commercial buildings. Leaky toilets go unnoticed regularly. Because users are not responsible for paying the bill at the end of the month, a single running toilet can double a family’s typical water use. NAMO offers monitoring for individual units and plumbing fixtures with their proprietary sensors.

OpenGait Prosthetics

Global aid organizations supporting lower limb amputees are limited in the number of patients they can treat due to the complexity of fabricating a full prosthetic device and lack of trained clinicians. OpenGait is developing an above-the-knee prosthetic kit that includes a novel adjustable socket and mechanical knee so that healthcare professionals in low-resource settings can easily fit an amputee, and patients can make size adjustments and repairs to their own prosthesis if needed.


OpiAID is a web-based dashboard that provides data driven insights to assist clinicians in decision making. By converging behavioral assessment data, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in addition to future biometric data from wearables, OpiAID provides clinicians with actionable insights and automated alerts. This solution is considered Technology Assisted Care (TAC) and will improve patient retention in MAT programs. It will also stimulate just in time interventions, which is critical to prevent relapse.


Regulr delivers personalization for real-world in-store experiences for hospitality, retail, restaurants and more. Online experiences are excessively targeted and abundant, but offline retail experiences are still largely one-size-fits-all. Regulr opens up a new design space for brand engagement, advertising, customer experience, and the customer-employee relationship; through a mobile app consumers use and a Point of Sale integration businesses use for real-time insights.

Regulr has built a real-time social distancing app called Distance to help businesses within communities open their doors safely while combating COVID-19; the app makes a smartphone vibrate when within 6′ of another device. Distance can be layered onto Regulr as a value added service in the near future to help employees create a safe work environment plus give owners real-time insights in social distancing behaviors.


Forward-thinking IT and managed services firm, Cornerstone, is creating a new product called ZEERO. ZEERO is a fully managed emerging technology service development platform that provides not just the Cloud and container technologies, but also the tools, support, and expertise that are required to develop modern software solutions effectively, securely, and efficiently day-zero. We reduce customer time to value so you can focus on getting your software deployed with less effort while reducing up to 40% of the cost to manage it yourself.