Keystone Compliance is a regulatory compliance company that specializes in commercial military and aerospace compliance testing and certification. Headquartered in New Castle, PA with compliance labs in New Castle and Durham, NC, Keystone is a family-owned and operated business that has been around for 14 years now and currently has 37 employees. Al Servais, Keystone’s Lab Manager, gave us the inside scoop on Keystone and their recent move to the Triangle.


Q: Tell us about yourself. What’s your background? 

A: I come from 30 years experience in the regulatory compliance field. I’ve been in the area for about 16 years. I’ve spent my career working in both the commercial industry and Nationally Recognised Test Laboratories.

Q: So, Keystone Compliance recently opened a new location in RTP. Interesting time for sure. What motivated the decision? 

A: Keystone had been studying the RTP area for about 18 months. We recognized that manufacturers in this community had limited local options for product certification and compliance testing. Upon the closing of two local labs, we decided that the time was right to move into the market. Despite the pandemic, the company experienced significant growth in 2020 and has already made a substantial investment in the RTP lab.

Q: That growth is exciting to hear about. Any other growth plans in the near future?

A: We’re continuing to grow our Durham team but more so, we are looking to grow our partnerships in and around the RTP area and further that growth throughout the Southeast region.

Q: I hear Keystone Compliance is particularly suited to help startups. Why is that?

A: Keystone employs very talented engineers and technicians that are driven to provide the guidance and direction that small companies and startups need inorder to market their inventions. We have established a program where we serve as an extension of the manufacturer’s engineering and product development team. Our engineers assist clients from concept through certification, helping to save them substantial money and time to market. 

Q: Do you have any materials that you can share that may be particularly useful for founders and inventors?

A: We recognize that many startups and small businesses are limited on resources and seldom have all the information they need to bring their product to the market both here and beyond our shores. We do publish certain guidance and information on our website and social media outlets but we find that a direct approach is the best median to address the client’s questions and provide the guidance they need. 

Q: Don’t you have a lab that startups can use as well?

A: Yes, both our Durham facility and our New Castle facility are suited to assist startups with design and pre-compliance evaluation services at a cost that doesn’t wipe out the project budget. Our goal is to offer the services and expertise our partners need to validate the product during design and ultimately through the certification process.

Q: Awesome. Where can we find these materials?

A: Please visit our social media outlets or head to our home page at to read about capabilities and the ever evolving regulatory roadmap. We also encourage our clients to contact us directly:

Coy Price, Business Development (

Al Servais, Lab Management (