Tune into the fascinating story of Gryppers, a company that started as one football player’s idea.

This first episode in our series with Jamelle Eugene, CEO of Gryppers, we’ll talk startup innovation and the origin of his company, which includes some throwback to Jamelle’s football career at NC State. We’ll also talk about the importance of a startup’s MVP – a minimal viable product.

Jamelle Eugene: Jamelle was a record-setting running back at NC State, and he co-created Gryppers to make a product halfway between athletic tape and a football glove. The current patented model, in addition to tactile sensation, compression, and grip-enhancing features, includes FDA approved thermo-reactive technology to recycle heat and wick moisture.

Gryppers: Gryppers seeks to naturally increase the proficiency, and preserve the longevity of every athlete and active professional worldwide. Gryppers was founded by two former Wolfpack football players, DaJuan Morgan and Jamelle Eugene. Learn more at gryppers.com.