RIoT’s Tom Snyder recently authored a post in WRAL TechWire:

RALEIGH — Last week, NC IDEA led a two-day, statewide entrepreneurship conference that attracted nearly 500 attendees. One of the speakers, Craig Buerstatte with the Economic Development Administration in Washington DC, noted that it was the first ever state-wide entrepreneurship summit in the United States. A number of nationally known speakers and educators attended the energized inaugural event.

Kudos to NC IDEA, and to Governor Roy Cooper — who formed the NC Governor’s Entrepreneurship Council from which the conference was born — for achieving this bold, national first. Both Cooper and Raleigh Mayor-Elect, Mary-Ann Baldwin, spoke at the event, touting the health of the state’s economy, the importance of small- and medium-sized businesses, and the growth of support resources for new company formation. Without question, there are great stories to tell about startups and entrepreneurship in the state.