The town of Wake Forest is paving the way for the future by investing in technology and joining the smart city movement. The town recently installed Internet of Things (“IoT”) devices at seven locations along Owen Avenue and South White Street. By using sensors and other data-collecting devices, the town can increase their understanding of how people and resources interact with each other. This could lead to improved urban planning, increased safety, and the ability to provide better services to citizens. Additionally, businesses can use IoT devices to better understand their customers and optimize their operations. Data from the sensors will inform Town planners and emergency management personnel but will also be shared with local merchants to help them craft marketing strategies and gauge staffing needs.

Read more in this article published by the Wake Forest Business and Industry Partnership featuring our Executive Director, Tom Snyder and the Wireless Research Center. WRC is a unique, independent nonprofit empowering collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology-led economic development to improve communities, create companies and jobs, and provide digital skill training to bridge the digital divide.