GrepBeat called Raleigh “the place to be for Triangle tech startup types” during IoT Demo Night, our most recent RIoT event.

The demo night event was held last Monday, after the All Things Open conference, and it drew a huge crowd—the highest event attendance ever for a RIoT event.

Attendees had a chance to see innovative IoT applications and startups, and in their newsletter, GrepBeat posed the following trivia question to readers:

Which of the following was NOT featured by the presenters? A) Using lasers to zap lice off live, swimming salmon; B) Creating cyborg cockroaches to help search-and-rescue efforts after natural disasters; C) Building a functioning drone entirely out of chocolate; D) Setting loose sewer robots to sift through human waste to measure opiod use.

The answer is featured in the Extra Bits section of their newsletter.

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