Ubidots, based in Columbia, is a low code, IOT enablement application platform. In makers circles, the Ubidots platform is thought of as one of the most usable and reliable platforms out there. Because of that, IoT Entrepreneurs look to the platform to bring their ideas to life. Cristian Botero, Head of Business Development, and  Agustin Pelaez, CEO & Founder, joined us to talk about how Ubidots is creating a platform for helping entrepreneurs design and develop amazing tech. 

By providing a tech platform for tech entrepreneurs, they are allowing many to live happier lives. Agustin cited a recent study indicating that 41 million people are happier when working on their own. Of those 41 million people, 30% work in technology. Within that space we see it broken down to gig economy, ecommerce, freelancers, and application enablement. Thus we see the rise of the solopreneur.

One example of an innovative solopreneur using the Ubidots platform is a North Carolina local, Chip McClelland. Chip loves spending time outdoors utilizing Raleigh area parks and he’s also an IoT enthusiast. Using Ubidots, Chip developed a GPS device for tracking his walks. He then went on to co-found See Insights LLC,  which counts people in parks in Wake County, North Carolina to help officials make informed decisions and manage their parks space better.

As a word of advice for others blazing the solopreneurship trail in the tech and IoT space, Agustin reminded us to keep in mind a few key points. Two of the most important factors to consider before starting a business are 1) making sure there is a PROBLEM worth solving and 2) there is a large enough MARKET. He said to remember that it’s not about the tech, it’s about solving the problem. Great advice! Everyone is looking for a unicorn, he explains, but do you really need it? Instead use a bottoms up approach and seek actionable metrics to measure the market.  And while you are at it – check out Ubidots! Agustin and the team does it’s best to support entrepreneurs by giving everyone their first three devices for free.