Innovation and Academia: SKEMA’s Unique What if studying abroad could dramatically shape your future in business? In our enlightening chat with Thomas Ragot, the Admissions and Corporate Relations Liaison for SKEMA Business School, you’ll discover exactly how. With campus locations spanning five continents, SKEMA fosters an international academic environment, giving students the unique chance to not only earn a degree in partnership with NC State University but also to immerse themselves in a global cultural experience. Thomas shares the exciting developments at SKEMA, including the expansion of the bachelor’s program in Raleigh, North Carolina and the school’s dedication to facilitating internships and fostering corporate connections for students.

Thomas also unpacks the innovative SKEMA¬†Venture program, revealing how it cultivates an entrepreneurial spirit among students while constructing an international ecosystem in the US and France. Get ready to comprehend the benefits of studying in the US as an international student, from embracing the American way of life to broadening one’s network within NC State student clubs.¬† So, if business, education, and international relations spark your interest, you won’t want to miss this.