In this time of fear and confusion, RIoT is sharing a message of hope and progress, as leaders in the tech space convey how the Internet of Things and Data can mitigate the effects of the current COVID-19 crisis and prepare for others in the future.

RIoT has always expressed its belief in technology’s role of promoting economic growth, but now more than ever, we’d like to highlight its role in defending public health. Although living in a modern, connected world has enabled quicker spread of the virus, our modernity can also be our white knight if we start putting our advancements to better use in the public health sector.

In this first panel of our online webinar, “Prediction and Prevention”, hear from these industry experts:

Veena Misra, Director, NSF ASSIST Center; Distinguished Professor of ECE, NCSU: Veena Misra is the Director of the National Science Foundation Nanosystems Engineering Research Center on Advanced Self-Powered of Integrated Sensors and Technologies (ASSIST). She has authored or coauthored over 200 papers. Dr. Misra has received 2001 National Science Foundation Presidential Early CAREER Award, the 2011 Alcoa Distinguished Engineering Research Award, and more. @ASSISTCenter

Brian Bender, Chief Scientific Officer, Intake: Brian Bender is Chief Scientific Officer and cofounder of Intake Health, an NSF and NIH funded digital health company developing passive, remote health monitoring solutions for preventing, managing, and treating chronic diseases. Previously, Brian has worked in technology transfer, engineering, and product development roles at UCLA, the Department of Defense, and Corning, respectively. @myintakepro,,

Ashlee Valente, Senior Scientist, Torus: Ashlee Valente, Senior Scientist at Torus, is a Duke University-trained Computational Biologist and subsequently joined the data science start-up industry. She has experience in predictive modeling for clinical outcomes in infectious disease, as well as leveraging genomics and IoT data in other industries such as agriculture and biofuels. @thinkTorus,

Nick Jordan, CEO, Smashing Boxes: Nick Jordan is an entrepreneur that wears many hats and always has a project ready to launch. This includes his current role as founder and CEO of Smashing Boxes, a software design and development agency based in Durham NC. Smashing Boxes works with companies to build digital products for web, mobile, and connected devices, ranging from startup to enterprise scale, and with a focused interest in blockchain, IOT, and healthcare.