According to Gabriel Coch of Info Patterns, “Behind the planned surprise for a special occasion or the de rigueur present for Valentines Day, Mother’s Day or graduation, there is a very sophisticated industry, much more akin to manufacturing than to agriculture.” Which means that even something as beautiful and delicate as a rose can benefit from smart manufacturing principles.

And Device Solutions and Info Patterns are doing just that! They’re teaming up to create a connected greenhouse, a controlled environment where any perishable can be grown at any time.

These two fantastic organizations met as participants of the RIoT Accelerator Program. The Device Solutions Cellio Ecosystem is an Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution for aggregating data and communicating it to a backend server/application. According to Bob Witter of Device Solutions, “Because of Cellio’s vertical agnostic nature, they often find organizations like Info Patterns that have solved a problem specific to an industry vertical, but don’t have the communications background to get sensor data to their application.” Device Solutions fills that gap by funneling data to the application so that folks like Gabriel can focus on the algorithm that utilizes the data and solves a specific problem.

During their time in the Summer 2020 RAP program, Gabriel and Bob bonded over their synchronistic ambitions and a shared love of Bogota, Columbia and thus the match was made. (Below is a photo of Bob on a hiking trip in Bogota, an area he describes as “one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.”)

AgroPatterns is a SaaS solution developed by Information Patterns that addresses the most pressing needs of flower growers.  In general terms, Agropatterns is a data-driven Agronomic Model that helps growers achieve amazing productivity. Specifically, Agropatterns permits recording and analyzing the presence and severity of insects and disease that constantly attack flowers and defining the countermeasures to combat these problems reliably and on a timely basis. In both of these cases, knowing temperature and relative humidity of the greenhouses is instrumental to maintaining healthy crops.

This is where Cellio comes in and brings a key piece to AgroPatterns. Cellio is the IoT solution that can give the production manager at each flower farm real-time data about the environmental conditions that have a direct impact on his or her crop and thus the bottom line. And with Cellio, environmental variables are just the start that will help AgroPatterns reach its goal of creating the “connected greenhouse” of tomorrow.

It is incredible to see fantastic organizations like these forging partnerships in the face of a pandemic. As Gabriel said, “Working with Device Solutions has been a wonderful experience personally and professionally and I look forward to a long and lasting partnership and friendship.”