Wilson RAP XIV Pitch Competition and Lunch

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Join us for the 2023 Gig East Summit in Historic Downtown Wilson for our RAP XIV Pitch Competition. Enjoy a free lunch provided by the Gig East Exchange and watch RIoT Accelerator Program participants go head-to-head in the annual RIoT Pitch Competition. During the pitch competition, selected RAP Wilson cohort members will take center stage to share their company pitches with the Summit audience. Hear from the companies who have used the Gig East Exchange as a home base for the past 12 weeks, growing and tweaking their business strategies and honing their pitches for us. It’s everything you love about reality business shows (without the sharks), with lots of support and enthusiasm from the Gig East community.

Following the pitches, judges’ comments are tallied and a winner will be announced at the end of the day.

Register for FREE to save your spot. https://www.gigeast.com/gig-east-summit-2023/

Startups Pitching:

Modal Coffee| Wilmington, NC

Modal is a company that specializes in optimizing the home coffee brewing experience by providing tailored insights into coffee grinder performance. Our main goal is to help users improve their coffee brewing by analyzing grind size consistency and assisting them in correctly adjusting the grind setting for their ideal cup of coffee. The problem of inconsistent grind settings and the lack of understanding about how grinders impact brewed coffee was discovered through many conversations with coffee enthusiasts. We realized that most people had little to no knowledge about the crucial role their grinder plays in the brewing process, and they often never adjusted their grind settings! We are passionate about this issue because we love coffee and its potential to bring joy and connection to those who enjoy it every day, as well as those who produce it. At Modal, we are dedicated to improving a product that means so much to so many people by bridging the gap in grinder knowledge at the consumer level.

The Sure Company | Greenville, NC

The Sure Company helps moms decrease their formula spend by 10-20% by providing a complete nutrition alternative offered in a monthly subscription. Our signature blend includes highly-nutritious whole foods just as nature intended, which is why our mission is to nurture by nature. Whatever’s pushing you to find an alternative, whether it’s the need to return to work or supplementing a diet because of intolerances or allergies, Sure has you covered!

Druid Agriculture | Charlotte, NC

Druid Agriculture has developed a simple, affordable camera system that allows farmers to remotely manage and monitor crops so they can solve problems faster and improve yields. The cameras can automatically capture images of a crop’s growth cycle 24/7 to detect signs of plant health, diseases and pests. The systems can be installed in any indoor environment, from multi-acre greenhouses to a grow tent in a basement.

Wyndscreen | Raleigh, NC

Wyndscreen is a revolutionary online platform for researching, buying and selling used vehicles such as cars, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, and commercial equipment.  The platform reduces scams, spam, frustration and wasted time all while adding confidence to the transaction.

E-Sports Trainer | Davidson, NC

The E-Sports Trainer is a patented training aid that  takes the everyday athlete through the process of becoming better by helping them develop proper muscle memory when playing a sport. When my son Elijah showed an interest in basketball, we went to the park to practice but I didn’t want him to develop bad habits when I was not around and as I looked around I saw others with no one to help them. That’s when the E-Sports Trainer aka (Elijah’s Sports Trainer) was born which pays homage to one of my greatest passions, my son. Its primary function is to correct you in real time if your shooting form is improper. It will give you audio feedback like “keep your elbow tucked in” or “keep your feet shoulder-width apart and shoulders square” until you get it right consistently. What’s more is that it speaks 7 different languages of your choosing.


Keith Daniel – Resilient Ventures

Eva Doss – The Launch Place

Bea Ethridge – Carter Bank & Trust