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In today’s digital landscape, passwords protect everything for everyone and the threat of cybercrime looms larger than ever, not just for big corporations and institutions but for small towns, businesses, and individuals alike. It’s time for a password reset.

Enter the era of Fast Identity Online 2nd Generation (FIDO2) password-less authentication, a revolutionary approach based on public key cryptography for authentication that is more secure than passwords and SMS OTPs, simpler for consumers to use, and easier for service providers to deploy and manage.

Join Phase II’s Virtual Lunch & Learn to explore FIDO2 technology and its seamless integration into your personal and professional life at a surprisingly low cost. With FIDO2, your credentials become an impenetrable fortress, ensuring exclusive access to your data. Say farewell to shared access cards and welcome a new era of clarity and security. Discover how a single credential can give you precise control over workplace entry, minimizing unauthorized access risks. Delve into real-life examples showcasing FIDO2’s impact. By the session’s end, gain a comprehensive understanding of next-gen cybersecurity and steps to stay ahead with Phase II.

Learn More About Phase II: https://www.p2sc.net/

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