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Autonomous vehicles, patient monitoring, the power grid and other industrial systems require millisecond response times and can’t rely on the cloud for live decision making. Round-trip latencies across the wide-area network mean those decisions arrive too late.

For real-time response, sensor data must be shared and acted on at the local level. However, data that is not as time sensitive may need to be pooled via the cloud to work with back-end systems for billing, analytics, diagnostics, and other enterprise level applications. What are the recommended design patterns to satisfy both needs?

Join John Breitenbach from Real Time Innovations for an overview of the “Big 3” architectural patterns recommended by the Industrial Internet Consortium’s (IIC) Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA). A live walkthrough of the Layered Databus pattern will demonstrate real-time, millisecond control at the edge, coupled with enterprise connectivity all the way back to the web.

This session is recommended for industrial IoT system developers, engineers and managers.

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