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The term “infringement” is one of those legal terms that everyone “sort-of” knows, but very few know what infringement actually means. IP comes in three main varieties – patents, copyrights and trademarks, and the tests for infringement is different for each type of IP. It is also vital to know how infringement is detected. In some cases, infringement is apparent to the layperson. In many other situations, infringement is only uncovered after sinking a considerable amount of time and resources. Knowing how potential infringement would be detected and knowing the infringement tests are important factors in deciding which type of IP to pursue (particularly in deciding between patents and copyrights of software).

Join Michael (Mike) Steel and Igor Ozeruga of the Tarolli Law Firm for this Virtual Lunch and Learn as they explain how to make a cursory determination as to whether your IP is being infringed or whether you are infringing on someone else’s IP. Mike and Igor are going to walk through some real-world examples of infringement of patents, trademarks and copyrights. Anyone that does not know the difference between the terms “comprising” and “consisting” in regard to how a patent is interpreted stands to learn a good deal about IP during this Virtual Lunch & Learn.

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