Virtual L&L – The Strings of Cellular IoT

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In the IoT, we have more than our share of complexity. We get all of the complexity of the software world, mixed-in with a healthy dose from the physical world around us.

Brandon Satrom, Director of Developer Experience at Blues Wireless, likes to refer to this complexity as “the strings of cellular IoT.” They are the things that developers often cannot control about building IoT solutions, or which exist by pure inertia. They are things that slow developers down, cut off choice, or provide unnecessary duplication of effort. They are things that lead us to search for alternatives that may be less than ideal, but which feel worth the tradeoff in our frantic efforts to reduce friction.

And while there are many such strings in this cellular space, this Lunch & Learn session will focus on the five most common issues IoT developers face before introducing how Blues Wireless is delivering developer-friendly cellular IoT solutions with no strings attached.

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This session will be led by Brandon Satrom and Rob Lauer of Blues Wireless.

Brandon Satrom is Director of Developer Experience at Blues Wireless. An unabashed lover of the IoT, the web, mobile and an avid tinkerer, Brandon loves to talk about sensors and circuits, microcontrollers, open source, robots and whatever new shiny tool or technology has distracted him from that other thing he was working on. Brandon has spoken at national, international and online events, and is the author of four books. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife, Sarah, and three sons, Benjamin, Jack, and Matthew.

Rob Lauer is Developer Relations Lead at Blues Wireless and has a passion for Machine Learning, the IoT, and the open web. You can find Rob rambling as @RobLauer on Twitter.