RIoT LXXIII – Metaverse is IoT 2.0

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Is the Metaverse just the latest tech buzzword, or is it truly the emerging tech foundation for the next iteration of the internet?

Learn more about:

  • Facebook’s rebranding to Meta – They are betting the company on a fundamental shift from social media to being the operating system for the Data Economy.

  • The digitization of the human constructs of ownership, commerce, governance and law through NFTs, Blockchain, DAO, Cryptocurrency and more)

  • How close we are to creating high-resolution simulations of the real world we live in.

Julie Smithson, Co-Founder of MetaVRse and Don Shin, CEO of CrossComm dig deep into how VR and other technologies address real world applications in healthcare, education, and business. Additional speakers will be announced soon!

Try out live VR demos and experience immersive worlds on cutting-edge tech available hands on at the event.

A hearty thank you to The Loading Dock for providing free food and drink for the evening.

This event is free and open to the public. Food and drinks provided, but registration is required via Meetup.