RALEIGH – IoT Meets Rodent Traps

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What happens when IoT meets a rodent trap? You get a trap that can be monitored 24/7 from anywhere in the world, increasing farm to fork transparency, while protecting our food supply from dangerous, rodent borne pathogens.

Join Gaëlle Fages and Michael Zimmermann as they share how they led development of Bayer’s Remote Rodent Monitoring System using a LoRa powered IoT solution that changes the way the food safety industry is looking at pest management and protecting public health. They will share lessons learned through various stages of development from early incubation to scale-up.

Emerson famously wrote that by building a better mousetrap the world would take notice, however, it is doubtful even he could imagine one that could digitally transform industry to protect businesses, brands, food and public health. Emerson isn’t able to attend, but you can. See you there!

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