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Ready, Set, Evolve!

Join us for the 2023 Gig East Summit in Historic Downtown Wilson! The Gig East Summit is an annual event that exists to bring together local entrepreneurs, business owners, community partners, and industry thought leaders from Wilson and the Triangle to focus on how advancements in technology and innovation can transform our community. Through panel discussions, interactive breakout sessions, and more, you’ll have a chance to gain insight into how the future of tech is evolving. Admission is free and lunch is included!

Are you ready to take on the future with emerging technologies? Let’s evolve together at this year’s Gig East Summit. The spotlight is on ChatGPT and other AI-powered applications. Its machine-learning abilities enhance responses and enable natural-sounding conversations on an extensive range of topics. AI boasts endless possibilities from improving customer communications for business owners to streamlining daily tasks for professionals or simplifying meal planning for everyday use.

So don’t wait, get ready to evolve with ChatGPT and other exciting technologies at this year’s Summit. Register now at https://www.gigeast.com/gig-east-summit-2023/