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The Triangle Region has been at the forefront of the smart city movement, hosting its first conference in 2018.  That evolved into the Connected Communities Conference and we are now ready to take the next steps in creating a technology solution-driven community and region focused on people first.

We invite you to envision the Connected Triangle+, a region where interconnected smart communities work together to create an extraordinary place to live, work, and visit—for everyone. The Triangle has set the standard in smart technology and connectivity, and now it is time to dream bigger.

Together, we can make the Connected Triangle+ the most connected region in the entire country, and perhaps even the world.

To meet this vision we, civic and business leaders, researchers, and entrepreneurs must re-engage and expand our efforts. It will take “fierce collaboration” across local and county jurisdictions, institutions, and the private sector—the Triangle can do that. We must explore how to sustain our vision with concrete projects and public-private partnerships. Together, we will learn and share our experiences, systems, and data for the betterment of all citizens across the Triangle and beyond.

We invite you to participate by considering sponsoring and attending the Connected Triangle+ Summit on November 9 at the Raleigh Convention Center.

Our Vision, simply put, is to nurture, foster and develop actionable sustainable projects for the betterment of all citizens across the Triangle and beyond.

At and after the Summit we will:

  1. Identify three or more data or system sharing mechanisms that use advanced communications and immersive technology focused on three use cases:
    1. Transportation—solutions for advanced safety and future vehicles across the region
    2. Sustainability—solutions for sharing real-time data to advise in sustainable public investments
    3. Digital Equity—solutions that provide for improved access to technology for all citizens across the Triangle
  2. Reward participants of a reverse pitch for that will address an issue and offers a solution within one of the above use cases
  3. Foster continued collaboration and organization around building the “smartest,” most connected, region in the world: The Connected Triangle+
    1. Foster and help establish sustainable collaboration around smart, connected projects
    2. Seek out, together, funding for projects across the Triangle and beyond

For more information please contact:

John Holden
Smart City Manager, City of Raleigh